Watch What This Foal Thinks About Being Haltered – Keep The Halter Away From Me!!!

We will show you one more funny video made by the owner of the horse called Bambi. Apparently, this girl doesn’t like to have the halter on.

As you know, horse bridles and steed leads are central bits of equine tack that each stallion devotee ought to possess. Furnish your stallion with a right fitting bridle and keep a combination of leads convenient for the horse and you’ll make sure that you can go up against all intents and purposes in any given circumstance.
The owner, Liz Sorensen, decided to make fun out of putting the halter on her horse. This little girl seemed not to like this at all.

Here's what Bambi thinks of my attempts to put her halter on!

Posted by Liz Sorensen on Wednesday, July 16, 2014

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