Watch: Dog Protects The Horse From An Attacker

Most stallion proprietors additionally adore dogs. Regardless of whether a modest Miniature Doxie, a mammoth Great Dane, or anything in the middle of, there is something pleasant about going on a trail ride and having your pooch go with you and your stallion.

In this video you will see how dogs can be trained to protect horses. They are called “Livestock Guardian Dogs” which are trained to always guard and take care of other animals from predators. But in this case, this German Shepard is trained to protect horses from any kind of attack coming from humans or any other being.

Also, you can see that there is a lot of work and training put in this. The dog was walking around the horse from both sides, and as soon as someone approached it, the girl that was riding a horse told him to attack in case someone tries to get close to the horse and has the urge to hurt him.

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