War Horse: Behind-the-Scenes Footage (Video)

Have you watched the movie War Horse? If not, then it is definitely a must watch. These behind the scenes parts and pieces from the movie tell and show us how difficult but joyful at the same time is to deal with horses. It is probably the best animal movie, it is extraordinary. They all worked very hard on it to show the beauty, grandeur, nobility and loyalty of the horse. Not just that, but also the strong relationship that is created between man and horse when there is mutual love and trust.

Horses used in acting are not few, they are quite a lot and they are such natural actors. Show love and trust to them and you can make them do anything you want. It is outstanding to see the whole journey of the horse and his friend, their separation and their meeting again. You might have never been jealous of an animal-human relationship in your lifetime as you are when you watch it and we are talking here about a war horse. It will definitely move you and make you cry! Just enjoy some parts of it!