VIDEO: Smart Little Mustang Makes a Great Show

Just doing freestyle show is not enough. You have to possess something more than just prepare the horse for the show.

You have to love what you do and you have to love and respect the horse in order that the horse does what you ask him to do. What you are going to watch is an awesome freestyle in the Legends Finals by Dan James and Smart Little Mustang. It is amazing how the horse, having no fear, not even blinking an eye, jumps through the net mash think in the start and this shows that the horse trusts his rider completely. The rider does not even ride with bridles all the time, there are moments where trust dominates. It is really impressive how Dan can manage to control the horse’s movements just by tapping him and the gorgeous smart horse responds accordingly. This shows Dan to be a great horseman because that horse was an untouched mustang 90 days before the competition and Dan did awesome job in 90 days to prepare that mustang for a freestyle show. Enjoy it and share!

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