VIDEO: Owner Dying of Cancer Forgets The Pain After Meeting Her Adopted Horse

Lisa Beech adopted a horse named Jake, 16 years ago, after his owner was sick and the two have had a close bond ever since. But when Lisa Beech checked into a hospice, after her cancer spread throughout her body, her family knew there was one last thing they could do to make her feel normal and happy again.

Realizing that she hadn’t much time left, his daughter and her friends organized one last chance for Lisa to see her best friend again, Jake. It’s so sweet to see them together once more and it’s such a kind thing to do when someone knows they are dying but still have something in the world to put a smile on their face. It’s amazing how such a bond can exist between a horse and a human. Her daughter, Amanda says, “Jake knew what was going on and that also would be the last time that he got to see his mum.” She also wrote on her Facebook profile, “Even though Jake can’t give her more time on her life, he can give her happiness.” Love has no repay. Watch the video and find out more.

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