VIDEO: This Is Why He Isn’t An Event Horse!

Stallions are actually claustrophobic; they abhor anything that traps them or limits their capacity to flee. This is definitely why crossing water frequently introduces an issue. Stallions can’t move rapidly in water and their capacity to run – one of their primary self-conservation senses – is extremely hampered in water similarly as it is for people. Ever take a stab at going through water that is over your lower legs?

There’s something else that motivates fear in stallions crossing water of any sort – a waterway, a stream, a lake or whatever. In the event that you’ve at any point observed any of those nature programs where crocs or hippos stow away underneath the surface lying in sit tight for zebras, pronghorn or other prey creatures to cross, you’ll comprehend your steed’s hesitance.

This dread is hereditarily customized into each stallion’s intuitive nature. It cautions them: Danger! Remain out of the water!

So how would you help a stallion beat his regular dread of water and permit an agreeable and consistent water crossing?

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