VIDEO: Horse Spends Two Days Tangled In Barbwire – Saved by Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue Center

A seriously harmed horse left for dead in Oklahoma City is presently making a course for recuperation subsequent to accepting more than $16,000 in gifts towards his care.

The equine named Rudy burned through two days tangled in spiked metal perimeter amid solidifying conditions. Not able to move, he lost both ears, eyelids and broke his jaw in the wake of being assaulted by pooches. The other Friday morning he was protected by specialists from Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue focus, who instantly set up a crowdfunding page in an offered to store his recovery. As news of Rudy’s situation spread, the $8,000 objective was immediately outperformed.

Oklahoma City Animal Control is at present seeking after charges against the man who called them last Thursday night saying he needed Rudy expelled from his property.

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