VIDEO: Harlem Shake With Horses

What Warwick shows in this video is dancing Harlem Shake with horses.

It is a special video because performing that is not easy, in fact it is really difficult because you have to gain certain skills to do that. And as long as you have gained your horses’ trust and respect and have also trained them to work off small shifts in your body position, have flexible knees yourself, be a sensitive and positive rider, then you can perform this. So, it takes time and fitness to do this and the average horse owner doesn’t have the temperament or fitness to want to train himself and his horses do these things. Riding without reins and just by body shifts is wonderful. When one rides without saddle or bridle, communication becomes much more sensitive. Warwick shows in this video exactly this, communication being the crucial part. Besides showing the great relationship and bond with the horses the video is also funny and puts a smile on your face. Watch it!

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