VIDEO: Extremely Happy Horse Plays With Dogs In Field!

Felipe, the horse, is in an extremely good mood as he runs and plays with a pair of dogs and his owner out in the field.

This will definitely put a smile on your face! Despite being gorgeous Felipe is also playful. He loves running free and having a good time with other animals. There is such happiness in him that makes you love him just from the screen. This video makes you feel so peaceful and serene by watching the animals and the background. Besides, the horse seems to do some ‘check-ins’ to get his treat which is so adorable. This shows the clear evidence of a great relationship among all five participants. Being shiny, healthy, playful and also responsive and relaxed around humans tells us that this horse is loved and cared for. Of all the evil in the world you will definitely would love to watch fun loving animals and people with love in their hearts. It warms the hearts and souls of those who seek it. Watch and enjoy it! And do not forget to share!

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