VIDEO: Behind The Scenes of Showjumping – Excelling Under Pressure

Take a look into the closely guarded yard of European champion and Olympic gold medallist, Ben Maher. Watch Ben reveal all about the challenges that every rider faces on getting to the very top, the levels of commitment needed from both horse and rider and the dedication needed to win Olympic Gold. He says, “Showjumping, as a whole, is a demanding sport and the few that come to the top at the end of the day are the ones that really push themselves to the limit.” The Olympics has been his dream since he was very young and winning the gold medal is something that he won’t forget.

Ben Maher gives insights on how a rider should behave when showjumping and what is really important is that you should have an excellent relationship with your horse. You have to love him and he has to love you back in order that you can have a good chance of winning. The preparation doesn’t concern only you as a rider but the horse as well, the feeding, the fitness, the resting. They get everything they need to be able to perform at the highest levels. The horses are also given care and treatment not only to get the best results but also to show the horse that you love him, you do anything to make him feel comfortable.

Showjumping is not an easy sport. For more, watch the video.

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