VIDEO: 35 Young Horses Rescued from Slaughter

Hundreds of reservation horses were rounded up and taken to a slaughter auction in Nevada.

Many of these horses were sold for slaughter but some were lucky. Horse Plus Humane Society was able to save 35 horses from a horrible fate. The rescued horses were transported from the auction to a temporary shelter facility made possible The Hidden Valley Horse Protection Fund. Countless hours were spent building the temporary shelter facility, transporting the horses and caring for them. The horses could hardly believe their eyes, they had gone from the auction yard which was cramped, dirty and dusty to a beautiful paradise. Once the horses were settling in the rescue team headed back to the auction to pick up another 12 horses and take them to a second temporary shelter facility. The first trailer was older horses, the second trailer were mares and foals where some of foals had been separated from their mothers leaving them orphans at the action. The horses settled right in and began grooming each other and looked relaxed and happy after their horrible ordeal. Watch the youngsters amazing transformation at the shelter.

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