Valegro Turns His Hoof To Jumping… And This Time It’s For Real

When mentioning Valegro all of us think about the legendary dressage horse. He has turned his hoof to jumping and this time it’s for real. During a morning training session he has popped the fence. Carl claimed that it was a bit of an impulsive moment. He says, “I bought a load of vavaletti last week. I told Charlotte he could jump and she said ‘prove it’!”

Carl claims that Valegro has always enjoyed jumping. “He loves it. It’s just another string to his bow and it keeps the weight off his little belly, which increases this time of year. Charlotte loved it too. It was very good for her too. I said, ‘Let’s go lady!’ ”

Carl says that no sign of a career jumping is thought of but it would be fun to share something. Anyway, Valegro is enjoying life after his retirement from competition. “He’s absolutely fine,” he said. “We keep him fit, he gets ridden every day and he hacks. .

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