The Most Valuable Job On The Race Track – A Day In The Life Of A Thoroughbred Outrider

Every one of us wants to watch horse hustling, however, not many of us have pondered what is the most significant occupation on the race track.

With regards to that, we ought to all concur that what Outriders do is astonishing. Their employment is about the security of the steed and the maneuver. In this way, here is a short tale about Woodbine’s head outrider Robert Love that will give us a more critical take a gander at his ordinary standard as an outrider.

None of us has ever envisioned what happens when a stallion loses control while being on the race track. It’s basically stunning, on the grounds that not just this mind boggling man makes Woodbine a more secure place, yet he additionally makes it engaging for everyone. It looks so natural while he gets the free stallions and keeps them in line while on the race track. Robert keeps the steeds safe and as should be obvious they are extremely content with him.

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(The Outrider) A day in the life of Woodbine's head outrider Robert Love
Safety For The Jockey and Horse Is What It's All About.

Posted by Thoroughbred Fans on Wednesday, April 13, 2016