Swimming Horses of Grand Cayman (Video)

A beach ride and journey out into warm Caribbean waters on horseback, an experience that can be overlived through Pampered Ponies on Grand Cayman. This is not something that you do every day but this is definitely something you should try. Knowing that horses are great swimmers and actually love water trying to swim with them can be a wonderful experience.

The blue waters give you the feeling of calmness and combined with the sentiment of happiness on horseback while horses swim gives you the best emotion ever at those moments. You create a bond with the horse once you are on his back and this kind of connection goes on as long as you show affection to him. It is obvious that the horses were not scared because if they were it would have been easy to get them into the water. Horses just love swimming and they are so good at it. Do not be jealous! People are triggered to do something and you can just try it. Such a beautiful sea, such cute memories, such a great feeling. Watch it and enjoy it!

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