Rider Loses Toe After Leading Horses In Flip-Flops

Have you ever wondered why riders get hurt while horse riding? There can be a number of reasons and we can see all kinds of accidents while horse riding but this one is really weird. Ellie Brown lost a toe in a fluky accident as she was wearing flip flops to lead two horses. This mishap warns us and the others of the importance of suitable footwear. Ellie says, “She ran to my other side so I had both of them on my left.

She went also into my mare Twiggy, who jumped on me and landed on my foot. She was messing about, with all her weight still on my foot, then swiveled to look at the sign. The next think, there I was, with two horses and nine toes.”

She claimed there was a rush of adrenaline while performing with two horses but described the pain as ‘excruciating’. Firstly, she thought the toe was just broken and bruised but while putting her foot in the shoe she realized she had lost her toe. His godfather went up behind her in a car, grabbed the horses, put her in the car along with the disjointed toe and took her to the hospital. The doctors were unable to save the toe and Ellie suffered a surgery the following morning.

Ellie says, “I was idiotic to be wearing flip-flops but you get comfortable around horses and think you know them so well, you can read them, but something so silly can cause an accident. I want people to be aware that they’re not in control of everything happening around you, and for the sake of your safety, make sure you’re properly dressed.”
Even though she underwent such a misfortune and luckily, she says, it was her fourth toe, not the first and the fifth which are important for balance, she finds time to make a joke, “The one bright side is that I should be getting a 10% discount on pedicures from now on.”

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