Rider Keeps Running After His Horse Crashes

You will definitely love the video that we are about to show you. Weetabix made greatest commercial ever. Weetabix is a whole grain wheat breakfast cereal produced by Weetabix Limited in the United Kingdom.

It comes in the form of palm-sized rounded rectangle-shaped biscuits. Variants include organic and Weetabix Minis (bite-sized) versions. The UK cereal is manufactured in Burton Latimer. Northampton-shire, and exported to over 80 countries. Weetabix for the North American market (Canada and the U.S.) is manufactured in Cobourg, Ontario, in both organic and conventional versions. To promote themselves and to promote how it is important to have great breakfast for champions they have used horses to help them in that. This is a great choice in our opinion. Check this commercial and let us know what you think!

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