Richard Spooner Lets Go Of Reins – His Horse Saves Them Both – This Is What TRUST Is All About!

What you will see now is a perfect example how you have to trust your horse no matter what, because sometimes they can save your life.

Richard Spooner and Incento are a perfect team. At the point when Incento left a stride out alone for a triple mix and nose plunged, Spooner took care of splendidly! Spooner let go of the reins and continued riding! Incento could lift himself up and bounce the following two components of the triple while Spooner rode him through it without any reins and his arms out to the side.

Now and then you simply need to put stock in your stallion! “It was my misstep that brought on the issue,” reviewed Spooner. “From that point onward, I was attempting to be out of his way and let him discover his direction. I would not like to miracle the apple truck. He was occupied with battling for both of our survival.”

Richard Spooner & Incento, AMAZING! Perfect example that you just have to trust your horse!

"Incento left a stride out to the first element of the triple combination—a triple bar—and nose dived. Spooner, though, stayed in the back seat, let go of the reins, and kept riding. Incento picked himself up, took a stride and jumped the next two elements of the triple while Spooner sat in the middle with no reins and his arms out to the side."

“It was my mistake that caused the problem,” recalled Spooner. “After that I was trying to be out of his way and let him find his way. I didn’t want to upset the apple cart. He was busy fighting for both of our survival.”
“Unfortunately I’ve had a lot of things happen to me this one just happens to be on video,” he continued. “I hate to say that practice makes perfect, but I’d had a lot of things like this happen before."

Posted by Horseaddict on Saturday, September 26, 2015

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