Real-Life Robin Hoods: Stunt Couple Fire Arrows From Horseback (Video)

Covering 90 meters in just 14 seconds an archer fires at a row of targets from the back of a running horse. This is the competitive sport called Horse Archery. And this centre in Hertfordshire is the only place in the UK where the originally ancient art is taught. Karl says, “The sport, Horseback Archery involves being as accurate as you can, as fast as you can.

Your horse has to be at canter, you gallop along, you shoot first one, you shoot the second one, you shoot the third one and then breaking in for red beam, that stops the timer.” While Zana claims, “It’s a lot of fun. I mean it’s the most fun you can have on horseback.” Karl and Zana greenwood have been stunt riders for 12 years. They do jousting, stunt shows, ride on films and teach stunt riding. Their horses are used to filming. They have been on planes, boats, they have done “Pride and Prejudice”, “Gladiator” and some other films. They now run the Centre of Horseback Combat after discovering the sport of horse archery six years ago when they came across a bow at a medieval fair. The centre has now taught over 1000 people. And understanding the risks of working with animals and weaponry safety is paramount. It seems exciting, doesn’t it? Well, watch the video and decide it yourselves!

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