Real Life Cowboy Town – No Cars Allowed! (VIDEO)

Can you imagine living in a town where no cars are allowed nowadays? Can you imagine a place where people move only on horses?

Well, if not, a small town in North Carolina may be a similar cowboy town of your dreams. Love Valley is the place where no cars are allowed and horses are the main transportation system and where horses outnumber the people. Tori Barker says, “My grandfather’s childhood dream was to live in a cowboy town. In 1954, he purchased the land and started building what you see here today. Not a lot on our main street has changed since then. My grandfather, he asked me to move here to kind of help keep the tradition going. This town is a working town. What you see is what you get. People who come here, they love to ride horses and they love to be outdoors. And they like to have fun. But what brought me here was actually the quiet. There’s a lot of freedom here and it’s a great place for me to raise my daughter. Anybody who loves to ride horses and live the cowboy life, even if it is just for the weekend, they come here.” Love Valley is surely and truly a unique place to be visited if you want to experience the life of a real cowboy. Enjoy the video and share this on Facebook!

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