Princess Anne: “Don’t Ever Apologise For Horses”

What can be more intriguing and appealing than the words of a princess? What can motivate you more than those frank words? Princess Anne’s message to the equestrian world from the 2017 National Equine Forum still lingers in the minds of the riders, “Don’t ever apologise for horses.”

In fact, she took the inspiration from the footballer, Sir Bobby Charlton, because it was he who coined the phrase at an event for Manchester’s Olympic. He gave the reason why he said so and expanded that it was not just through the enjoyment they gave his daughter but also how the family got involved and how everybody had a role to play.

The princess says, “I thought it was a really interesting comment from someone who said he never had any involvement in horses. He really understood.” This sparked up a presentation by Lynn Petersen who emphasized the role of charity by the organization of Changing Lives Through Horses initiative. The scheme tends to improve the lives of young people who are disengaged and help them become engaged with society again.  Princess Anne added, “It is their contribution that makes a difference because horses cannot manage without us. For those youngsters to find somebody needs them is a real revelation. And if that is horses then that is fine.”


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