Parelli Horse Doesn’t Want Its Owner to Leave! (VIDEO)

Parelli horse trainer, Amy Book shows us what happens when she leaves her horse Sapphier’s pen.

With horses on either side of her, Sapphire stays focused on her missing partner, Amy. The reaction of the horse is wholly dependent on Amy’s leaving showing us the great connection between Amy and her horse and the love of the horse toward her owner. When she is gone the horse runs and bucks and when she comes back he canters up. It is like the horse suffers from a separation anxiety which is not good for the horse but love is there, the bond is there and we can only judge what we see. Amy had the patience to work and deal with the horse for a long time and what she achieved was the unconditional love of the horse. The horse shows to be emotionally in pain when his loved one leaves him but when she returns there is no better feeling than reuniting with your loved one. The happiness and the willingness to stay next to and around her are indescribable which can be shown only in action and not words. Watch and enjoy the video! Leave your comments and share!

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