New Eventing Acrobatic Super Hero: Best Save Of The Year (Video)

Velcro Boyd continues to amaze us now and then. His riding abilities continue to dazzle the crowds every time he takes part in a competition or a show and this one is no exception. The persistence and determination in this video leave us all speechless. We can never question the rider’s abilities on horseback because he leaves us all in awe as he passes the water hurdle.

The horse has unloaded all the power in itself and he surely looks very chipper so he definitely hasn’t lost the grace that characterizes him. He did not disappoint and with a stellar performance we can fully say that it has stamped his authority on this season. It was not easy though but the acrobatic horse made it look spectacular. The amazement still lingers on and the admiration we feel will probably last for a long time. Enjoy the show for more.