Nasty Accident On Racetrack – Jockey’s Quick Thinking Saves Them

We have all seen accidents on racetracks and all of us have sympathized with the rider who suffered the accident. Sometimes we have put the blame on the rider and sympathized with the horse.

Anyway, an accident is never a good one and we should always thank God for coming out of it alive and without injuries or with minor injuries.

What happened to Robbie Power on the racetrack is one of the accidents that if not acted immediately would have a series of bad injuries. His fall could have turned to be really bad and unfortunate but thanks to Bryan Cooper the accident came to end quickly and without any injuries. Bryan Cooper was there at the right place, at the right time to jump to his feet and put a stop to the horse, preventing an unpleasant result. This disagreeable circumstance was taken into a video. Watch it!

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