MUST WATCH: Rare Spotted Mule (VIDEO)

We have seen various kind of horses, different races and colours but this spotted mule is rare and it is very beautiful. We do not know what kind of hybridization this is but it is worth it, for sure. There is always a dominant gene in the mix and that gene came out in them mule probably with the dominant gene from his mum.

Some people think that mules are worth nothing but a good mule is worth his weight in gold. Their misunderstood “worthless” status has nothing to do with them, but reflects our inability to be patient and work for an incredible bond which can be achieved through love and hard work. Mules last longer than horses and they also are surefooted and reliable. All in all, we can say that the baby’s coloring is unusual and striking. Also, this baby has great conformation, it is very well bred all the way around. For more watch the video.

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