Mother Horse Who Lost Her Baby Introduced To A Baby Horse Who Lost Her Mother (Video)

Dr. Patrick Brogan, who is a horse fertility specialist and veterinarian in the Netherlands, was called to a farm to help with a horse foaling. The mare, a retired show jumper named Zindita, was experiencing foaling complications.

There was nothing that could be done for her foal and the difficult labor ended in a stillborn child. Dr. Brogan did what he could for the mare, saving her and aiding in her recovery. He found her to be very sad about her lost baby. Two days after Zindita lost her foal, Dr. Brogan was informed by an associate about an orphaned foal whose dam had died during her birth. Dr. Brogan says that they got the little foal and Zindita together. As a rule, putting a mother together with a strange foal is not always easy since mares frequently get aggressive against the foal. Dr. Brogan says “They were lucky with Zindita because she was desperate to take care of the newborn filly.” This has clearly happened because of the Zindita’s strong maternal insticts and we are glad that they were placed together with the mare being fine with the little foal. Zindita showed to be a wonderful mum with great instincts and was never aggressive after “the adopted foaling.”

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