Miron Bococi – Free Style Horse Show (Video)

We all have seen great horse trainers, giving all they have to training and loving horses, making them do what they want and performing even tricks with them. But this video shows something you have never seen before. Miron Bococi is a freestyle horse trainer and he is probably the best out there.

He is a kind of horse whisperer who makes the horse dance to the rhythm. It is a fantastic video which shows so much the connection between man and horse and if the connection is based on love then anything can be achieved. Your horse is your best friend, your horse is yourself. The spectacle presented and shown is great. There is such a proper integration and harmony. What Miron Bococi achieves is incredible and with a good trainer everything is possible. And now, if someone says “You dance like a horse” it is a great compliment! What an amazing man! What an amazing horse! What a bond! Such trust and love! Beautiful to watch!