Metro – The Painting Horse (VIDEO)

Metro was taught to paint by his owner Ron Krajewski. Ron himself is also an artist. Ron chooses the colour and loads the paintbrush and then Metro does the rest.

Metro was once a successful racehorse but unfortunately retired with a knee damage. The vet gave him just two years to live and this was pretty shocking. Ron decided to make Metro’s final years enjoyable and amusing so he set up a studio in his Gettysburg stables in the US and it took just one week for Metro to pick up his new hobby and make it part of his daily life. Now, Metro’s artworks sells for 500 dollars, funding his own medical treatments that has added years to his life. Metro’s paintings have also raised 80.000 dollars to help other retired racehorses so that they did not end in a slaughter house. He has even got his own colouring book. He is really great, intelligent and paints amazingly. This is the story of Metro who from a racehorse became an artist. This horse literally saved his own life by learning to paint.