Meet Big Jake – The World’s Tallest Horse (Video)

Horses are generally huge animals but a Belgian gelding named Big Jake is officially the biggest of them all. The 15-year-old Guinness World Records title holder measures just under 6 feet 11 inches and weighs around 2600 pounds. Though Big Jake was once a celebrated member of a winning hitch team he is now in retirement and lives in Smokey Hollow Farm. What does he do during the day?

Well, visit from his fans are his favourite and these do not miss. When you look at it for the first time it can really scare you and you would be afraid to ride it but he is a truly gentle giant and loves to play around and play with people’s hair. Even though he is the world’s tallest horse he is so friendly. Everybody would have asked for such a horse and not for sports, not for racing, not for work but just having a ride with it every single day. So amazing, gorgeous and gentle, too, the horse is now enjoying the good life.

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