Mare Being Introduced To Her Adoptive Foal For The First Time – Absolutely Beautiful!

We have so many cases in which a mare doesn’t accept her foal or she is sick and eventually dies. But that’s why all owners try to find a replacement for a young horse to grow with a new mother.

In this particular video, you will see how they introduce the foal to a new mare and how things can go really good, but also it can end up bad. In that case, from the beginning when they introduce the foal to the mare, they try to pay more attention so that in any case mare wouldn’t end up hurting foal.

Foal seemed to be so scared when the owner introduced him his new mom. We can see that this mare had a real mother instinct and that she accepted him in the same second. She reacted amazingly.

Heartwarming Mare & Foal Adoption

Absolutely beautiful…mare being introduced to her adoptive foal for the first time <3

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Posted by Horse Mad Online on Monday, July 25, 2016

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