If Humans Were Horses (VIDEO)

In this video you are going to watch a lovely team of two girls making a hilarious video about what would happen if horses were people. This is not the only video they have created, so after you watch this one jump on their YouTube profile and check others.

‘Whiteroseequine’ is a profile on Youtube that makes entertainment videos. They started in 2016 with the purpose of simplifying the process of shoeing, feeding and reining the horses. However, they also decided to enjoy what they do by making simple twisted videos about horse life in human shape.

This exact video is about horses being people. We can see that this girls is pretending to be a horse and she is acting exactly how horses would when it comes to brushing, putting on and cleaning horseshoes, riding and acting strangely sometimes. This is funny and it is done with the purpose of amusement. Watch the video!