House Panel Lifts Ban On Slaughtering Horses For Meat

It is on July 12 that the news about the ban on slaughtering horses for meat was lifted and also published. The horses are banned to be slaughtered at meat processing plants. This kind of act changes the slaughter ban that was included in a bill which was signed into law by President Trump, in May.

But efforts to reinvigorate and resuscitate the slaughter ban was overthrown by a majority of votes. It has been more than a decade that the horse slaughter ban has been executed and the ban is implied and imposed by hindering and deterring Agriculture Department from supplying inspectors at meat plants that kind of slaughter horses. Presently, there are no horse slaughter facilities in the U.S. and this is going to be very difficult but the government is really thinking how to deal with it and they will come up with a solution.

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