Horses Flee Canadian Wildfires – Prayers Needed For Everyone! (VIDEO)

There is nothing more devastating than fire and water when in rage. What you are going to watch in this short video is a great fire which is burning everything that comes its way and is even menacing people, livestock and houses.

There are more than 180 wildfires that are burning and firefighters cannot extinguish those raging flames. More than 38,000 people are being evacuated as they are at risk and livestock such as horses and other animals have been set free with the hope that they can run away from the burning fire. The fire still continues to rage and the fire department has asked for extra help from the government as they are facing a really difficult situation and cannot cope with it all alone. The captured video shows horses escaping a wildfire on Friday afternoon. A Facebook group has been created with the purpose of contributing to the evacuation of these horses and other livestock as they really need it. Join the group on Facebook BC’s Emergency Livestock/Animal Evacuation Group and share it on Facebook.

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