Horses Can Fly!

Pegasus, the winged stallion in Greek Mythology, was included in the absolute most fascinating stories of the circumstances. From his introduction to the world to his demise, Pegasus remained a secretive animal equipped for everything, symbolizing the awesome motivation or the trip to paradise, since riding him was synonymous to “flying” to the sky.

Pegasus was spoken to as a goodhearted, tender animal, to some degree gullible yet constantly anxious to offer assistance. For his administration and faithfulness, Zeus respected him with an extraordinary eternality transforming Pegasus into a group of stars on the most recent day of his life.

So, can we claim that this is a new Pegasus in this short clip? Just look at this performance! Incredible!

Who Said That Horses Can't Fly!? 😳😍

Posted by Horse Tribute on Monday, May 8, 2017