Horseback Riding May Improve Stroke Recovery

According to research and studies horseback riding is considered as a tool to recuperate and gain one’s health after a stroke. As the research suggested, horseback riding contributed benefits to patients even though years had passed since they suffered the stroke. And this offers us evidence that pursued rehabilitation and recuperation is at all odds longer than it was hitherto thought.

123 patients who had suffered stroke showed signs of recovery, according to the study. They were randomly appointed to three treatment groups and one of them was horse riding. This group had weekly lesson for twelve weeks and went horse riding twice a week. What they were tested on was changes in balance, walking gait, grip strength and cognition. It came out that the patients that went horse riding had an average improvement of 10 per cent and 56 per cent of the riders still felt that they were improving after finishing the riding course. They surely went horse riding. The American Stroke Association Spokesperson Dr. Daniel Lackland says, “Some of the other benefits of horse-riding therapy, such as interacting with animals and other people, could also contribute to recovery.” This is a study within a certain group and further studies need to be made in order that they come up with definite conclusions. However, horseback riding contributes to the recovery and recuperation from a wide variety of conditions and stroke cannot be excluded.

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