Horse Unties Owner – Great Rescue! (VIDEO)

What you are going to watch is not something that happens often and we do not see it in our daily lives. We have seen horses do many things like work, tricks, races but we have not seen a horse untie a rope.

It is very special and unique what this horse does and it surely tells us that when a great bond and connection between the horse and human exists everything is possible. Love can reach what nothing in this world could. If we give them love and respect we receive the same from them. He is such a beautiful horse and intelligent at the same time. He may be so well-trained to do that but again it shows how smart these marvelous animals are and in case of danger or of a difficult situation they are always there for you. It is amazing how he manages to get a good grip of the rope with his teeth and be able to untie the rope. If my shoelaces ever get stuck I need to give this horse a call. Enjoy it! Please Share!