Horse Saves Girl’s Life (VIDEO)

What you are going to watch is Ida’s marvelous bond with her horse. This video shows her life in a short and how her horse, Flower, contributed to her self -confidence and her happiness.

She has not given up and continues riding and loving Flower. Her story starts when she went to school and everything was OK until she was bullied out of school and gained a low self-esteem. She was not that really self-confident. So, she moved class and met some new friends who accepted her as she was and her best friend was Fowler. Even though she received harsh comments about the horse and herself she kept trying, she did not stop, she went on, she did not give up. After two years of sweat, tears and a few fights she does not only have a great bond now but they love each other unconditionally. Flower is her best friend and he is her one and everything. Flower now is amazing and those two are unbeatable together. This is such an inspiring video!

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