Horse Moves Cattle All By Himself – No Rider Necessary!

Since long ago, dogs were used to help farmers and cattleman to move cattle but now there is a new trend going on.

A crowding dog otherwise called a stock canine or working pooch is a kind of peaceful canine that either has been prepared in the grouping or has a place with breeds created for crowding. Their capacity to be prepared to follow up on the sound of a shriek or expression of charge is prestigious all through the world. Collies are prescribed as crowding pooches. In this video, you will see something that will change the world. A horse replacing a dog in any way and especially in moving cattle by himself and without any help from humans.

We can’t establish If he was trained to do this or not, but this is really amazing. This horse got to move them without any problem what so ever. At the end, he perfectly got them into the place they have to be, and came back to lead another group again.

What do you think about this? Is horse going to replace dogs or not?

Who needs a dog anyways……

Posted by Matt Boos on Wednesday, March 16, 2016

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