Horse Kicks Rider’s Face With All His Strength (Video)

Gerdenlanders, 1200 pound of muscle in motion. But when one of these majestic horses gets spooked you had better watch out. The horse owner, Bill Vinditta says, “He was lying on the ground and I was scared, I was very very scared.”

Jet was a very young horse, probably 3 years old at the time but he did have his initial training. Hill and the horse trainer Roy thought that with just a little fine tuning Jet would fit right in so as part of his training they teamed him with one of their older experienced horses. After walking and trotting the horse for ten minutes Roy stops the team then signals for them to start again. And that is the moment when Jet goes berserk. Probably he was scared of something that neither of men on the carriage had noticed. The horse kicks Roy with all his strength catapulting him off the carriage. But Jet is not done yet, he takes off in a panic. That could have hurt Roy really bad if he had not jumped off the carriage. Watch the video for more!