Horse Gets Trapped Under Ice (VIDEO)

A panicked five-year-old mare is trapped under the frozen pond with no way out. And what makes this desperate scene even more dreadful is that the horse is pregnant.

There are two lives that are in question as the horse struggles to get out of the frozen pond. The horse named Inmoon wandered away from her barn mates and before she could be stopped she took the icy plunge. Her owner immediately and radically calls the fire department to save his beloved horse. Inmoon’s thrashing around creates a small opening in the thick ice but the pond is 15 feet deep and if she does not keep threading water she will drown. The body temperature is below the normal of 100 degrees and her organs are beginning to slow down. If they do not get Inmoon out of the frozen pond soon her fetus will not have enough oxygen and will die and another problem with Inmoon will be hypothermia. Watch how they save Inmoon!