Horse Bolting In The Middle of Competition

Sadly, not every single time everything ends up well, not all competitions are perfect and not all horses are always ready for it. In this video you will see a horse which decided he doesn’t want to do this anymore and started to bolt up out of it.

A horse that bolts is unnerving to be sure in light of the fact that it resembles being on board a runaway prepare. Despite the fact that your first drive is to stop the horse by pulling back on both reins, that is typically insufficient. A terrified decided horse is basically excessively solid, particularly since they tend, making it impossible to bolt their jaw against the bit. A superior approach to recover control is to disturb the bolter’s forward force by applying weight on only one rein rather than two. You may perceive this strategy as a pulley rein on the off chance that you ride English or as a minor departure from the one-rein stop on the off chance that you are a western rider. In either case, it’s significant as a kind of crisis brake. What do you think? Could have this situation be prevented or not?