Horse Abuse Vs Natural Horsemanship (Video)

There are a lot of people who don’t do horsemanship with their horses and still have a great connection! Just like people who do natural horsemanship can be total freaks! Horses have existed among humans for thousands of years. They have helped us. We have used them in different kinds of fieldwork. We have used them in riding. We have competed with them. We have forced them to jump higher and higher, run faster and faster. But, we often forget that we also have to give something back. The word is LOVE.

The video shows two parts, the bad part of the horsemanship and the good one. It shows how bad it can get if horses are treated badly on one side, but on the other side it also presents and shows how beautiful horsemanship can be if you treat horses with respect, love, and trust. And if you do this the bond between a horse and a human is incredible and inexplicable. Real horsemanship is extremely rare and those horses who are born in the hands of real horsemanship are born to know the difference between “I love you” and “You mean the world to me.” Horse sports are supposed to show how well the horse and the rider get along or how well they are together and technically we can it horse ballet. However, horses are living creatures and they do have feelings which you can see in their eyes. It’s up to you to define the video!