You think you have seen bad horse riding or vain people taking over things they do not know or are not capable of doing, or people thinking that something is so easy that you do not need practice and training. Well, Josh can show you that he is on top of all the above mentioned.

Proud spirited, vainglorious and arrogant at the beginning but humiliated and chapfallen in the end asking for mercy. First, he’s the boss, then he starts crying. He is such a horrendous horse driver but at least he tried. Despite falling off of the horse he shows cuteness and he is really funny. Watching this is so sweet and we all love his reaction but that kind of getting on a horse is really dangerous, it might hurt him. And the bow at the beginning? It is really amusing and he is being risible because he thinks he can ride a horse and the horse can get to understand and listen to him just by showing some respect before getting on and riding it. Do you want to be in a good mood? Watch Josh!