Extremely Talented Pony Shows What He Can Do! (VIDEO)

People say that when you love someone you do everything for him and out of love, in return, he does everything for you. This is what exactly happens between Pacha, Flip and their trainer. The connection and the bond is so fantastic and it is so real that makes you fully believe that it is unbreakable.

You will be amazed how awesome their performance is and only a respectful companionship can result in these wonderful, carefree tricks. It seems like the pony has that crush on Eva, the trainer, because he does not leave her side and this is so cute to watch. Besides, Flip loves having fun and answers to every command that Eva gives him and it is absolutely amazing what Eva can do with the horses. You have never seen an equine walk like a human but Eva makes it possible with Flip, being an inspiration for all of us. You love watching Flip’s little legs move as he trots beside his trainer and his rearing and walking is wonderful to watch. Pacha is so gorgeous and so majestic, not as cute as Flip but beautiful and stoical in his own way, such a sweetheart. Watch the video for more!

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