Epic Horse Fails & Falls (Video)

Everyone has seen horse fails and rider fails but have you ever wondered whose fault is it? Well, it can be the fault of both. We, as riders do not understand the horse, what he wants, how he feels and so he does not respond to our commands. Another thing is that we all make mistakes while riding. Horses just are a bit unpredictable and we know that, it does not necessarily mean that they shouldn’t have been jumping. How else would they learn?

The video shows different fails, sometimes it is the rider’s fault and sometimes it is the horse’s fault. Some of the fails are really painful but some are really funny and it is this exactly which makes the video interesting. Horses actually do have natural jumping talent, it originated as a survival instinct. And bits don’t actually hurt if you use them right, just create enough pressure for the horse to listen to you. Some of these people did not ride to the jumps with enough leg so the horses just went around. It also looks like the horses are barely bucking but actually when you are up there they are moving a lot and it’s very easy to fall off. When you think seriously of it, although it might seem funny sometimes it is not, because both the rider and the horse could get hurt. Watch, judge it yourselves and share!