VIDEO: Rider Surprises The Audience With Her Bridleless Riding Performance!

Freestyle reining, such an exciting and awesome sport showing the bond between the owner and the horse. Watch Emmie Fisher winning Congress Freestyle Reining, how she handles the horse and how the horse responds to every bit of her directions and moves.

We can say that this is a good step towards having a friendship with a horse without the use of painful and harmful devices. The video shows an incredible trust between the pair and as we see her riding bridleless, there is a great deal of work that she does at home warming up in a bridle. She surely takes great care of her horse and she is totally dedicated. Otherwise, the horse wouldn’t have responded so perfectly. Emmie does it so gently that one might think that she’s incarnated in the horse. We can even see the audience applauding in the form of praising while she performs as if encouraging her to go on like that. Emmie makes it look so easy and so beautiful. For more to enjoy, watch the video.