Devoted Owner Teaches Blind Horse To Ride Again (Video)

It is very difficult nowadays to find really dedicated and devoted owners. Appaloosa Prince lost his vision in one eye two years ago – before going completely blind six months later. His owner, Justine Ruta, taught him how to live with the condition accompanying him everywhere, teaching him the sounds of the surrounding and placing sounds such as wind chimes above his water and food. Now, she’s back in the saddle.

Justine says, “I dedicated my life to him last year. To me, there was no other option. I had to teach him how to eat properly, walk properly and make sure he didn’t injure himself in the paddock.” The video footage shows the amazing bond that exists between the two, the trust, the love was shown and how excited Justine gets as her horse makes progress. “The hardest thing was that there wasn’t anyone to help me, I was completely alone in this. It seems no one had dealt with a 100 per cent blind horse before,” she said. Justine committed herself to a routine with her horse, helping him to rebuild all the other senses. A great help and hope was the vet who turned her hopes back again and she fully believes that she can totally make it.

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