Demand Justice For Dr Drip – Champion Racehorse

“Animal Cruelty”? A phrase we so often hear but so little done over the years to be able to raise awareness and to put an end to it. We are talking about Dr Drip, the champion racehorse.

District Attorney and Parish President in Louisiana have pressed charges against the person or persons that are responsible for the abuse and torture of this horse. This case must be investigated and the responsible or the responsible ones must be punished with maximum sentencing. This kind of cruelty has never been seen or heard. The equine, after being seized was in terrible conditions. He was starving to death, had burns down his entire back and the open wounds and exposed bones were infected with maggots. His back was fully exposed in some parts which indicates that he had been ridden in those conditions. What cannot be even imaginable is that when he was urged to get up his rotten flesh tumbled down in pieces. He was euthanized and put down to eternal sleep. The persons responsible for this inhumane and atrocious act must be put before justice.

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