Dangerous Trail Horse Becomes Bridleless Star!

Before you watch this video, we have to tell you that this is absolutely amazing. Not just the routine but the horse also. This is the most beautiful stallion that we have seen so far.

On the other hand, we can just comment that this routine shows pure trust and relation between the horse and the owner/ rider. Douwe is a 14-year-old Friesian gelding. He was foreign made from Holland as a driving steed, prepared, seat and after that sold as a trail stallion to an island off the shore of Maine. He did not care for being a trail horse and ended up plainly unsafe, kicking and darting. Destiny brought “Dowe” and Sandra Bealieu together 5 years back and the rest is history.

Sandra has been working with and preparing stallions for as far back as 20 years and calls Dowe the sharpest and most candidly muddled steed she has at any point worked with.