Crazy Cowboy Riding A Buffalo – Strange But Amazing! (Video)

You, folks, have not seen anything like this before. Is it riding? We really do not know what to call it but this is the strangest riding that was ever seen. Can you imagine yourself on the top of a buffalo with bids in its mouth, maintaining the reins and directing that big animal to where you want it to go?

Pretty weird you might say. But what you are going to watch is a cowboy riding a buffalo and he does it in a pretty amazing way. He even answers his mobile phone as he is riding showing great skills on top of the animal. It is a mind blowing video because we do not know how he gets the animal to do what he wants because that buffalo basically weighs 1000 pounds. As species, this is the peak of our animal riding skills and technique. He picked the most rebel animal he could think of and he did it. Love it or hate it? It is up to you to decide. But that rider is just ‘cool’. Have fun and be happy watching it!

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