Cowboy Reunited With Horse From Black Forest Fire! (VIDEO)

The reporter Bonnie Silkman brings one one’s man emotional search for a horse named Banjo. The owner, Thomas Boyle, says, “It’s like losing part of your family.”

He is one of the thousands to leave home because of the devastating Black Forest fire. To escape the fire Boyle had to leave his horses in a nearby barn but when he came back in the morning his horse Banjo was gone. He says, “I was heartbroken. When I got that horse he was abused, he was angry, he was a rehab horse. I had watched him grow into a very compassionate kind horse. When I’m on his back he knows what I’m thinking and that’s how close the relationship with that stallion is for me. There’s nothing like it.” Boyle searched everywhere he could think of for Banjo. How did he find him and where? Watch the video!